Tips To Avoid Jet Lag On Long Distance Trips

Many travelers want to utilize their time immediately after landing, so avoiding jet lag will help them make this possible. Unfortunately, if you do not follow the tips to counter jet lag, you can be down for several days especially after crossing many time zones in several hours. The symptoms of jet lag are general confusion, concentration problems, insomnia, and severe sleepiness during the day among others. All these symptoms can make you an easy target to con artists and muggers.

The smooth tips that you can observe to avoid jet lag include:

Buy your water bottle

My friend who works at Water Softener Company in San Antonio and who usually use this while traveling was telling me that avoiding dehydration throughout your flight is the first step towards fighting jet lag. The air that is in an airplane is low considered to that of the outside. When you are through at the checkpoint, fill your bottle from a vendor or any water source available. If it is possible, you start taking the water before boarding and refill it again, which will be the best option. There is no guarantee that you can access clean water while on board. The flight attendants might refill your bottle on request but they will do so from the holding tanks in the plane, and the water might not be the best for drinking. It is known to have a lot of bacteria to staying there unused for long.

Stay off alcohol and caffeine drinks

Alcohol and caffeinated beverages will disrupt your sleep pattern and increase chances of dehydration. During the flight and one day before your departure, avoid them to ensure that you can sleep well and you stay hydrated throughout the trip.

Take good care of your lips, eyes, and skin

The air is dry while on board, and it can cause you some problems on your skin, lips, and eyes, causing you to feel uncomfortable and itchy. Dry skin that is peeling off from itchiness can make you look different from the photo on your passport.

If you wear contact lenses during the flight, use eye drops and keep using them regularly while on board. If you can still have good vision without the contact lenses, consider removing them during the flight. You can wear them some minutes before landing or after you land. Carry lip balm and a moisturizer and keep applying them anytime you feel dryness on your lips or skin. You can avoid scented ones to prevent a scenario whereby your neighbors’ are disturbed by the strong scents.

Eat healthy and light during and before your flight

Many travelers will eat the food offered on board because they have no option and are hungry, they do not eat it because they love it. The pressure can affect your system and cause discomfort. However, you can eat healthy and light snacks to keep you energized, mainly if the food served has fluids.

You can pack some snacks or buy from vendors within the airport who have portable and healthy options for you to choose from. Carry snacks that are high on fiber like a mix of nuts and fruits; you will avoid constipation after the flight and maintain your energy levels during the trip.


While on a long flight, there are several other tips you can use to avoid jet lag. Try to get plenty of sleep because you will feel refreshed all through your trip.

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